The UK STRAIN OF COVID is in news since long. 
There were doubts how will the new vaccines produced act against the new UK STRAIN OF COVID!
Also, will the immunity produced against the older variant of covid will be able to act against the newer strain of covid? 
In our last article, we discussed how the new strain of covid is different from the older strain and how this change effects the functioning of the virus!!
So, let’s see what scientific research studies and experiments have found about the effect of immunity against the new UK STRAIN OF COVID!!


The change that is present in the UK STRAIN IF COVID is one change in a spike protein on the 614 location. 
This has gone from D614 to G614.
Due to change in this location, the new virus can now bind more strongly to the ACE2 and TMPRSS-2 RECEPTORS present on the alveoli surfaces on lungs.
This location is not located in the receptor binding domain required for the antibody detection. 

Effect of these changes on ANTI-BODIES AND IMMUNITY CELLS

The antibodies and immunity cells, present in the body recognize the virus by attaching to the receptor binding proteins. If there are changes anywhere in receptor binding locations then there are chances that the antibodies an the immunity cells might not recognizes the virus!
There are no changes in any part of receptor binding proteins. Therefore, the immunity present against the older virus will be able to act on the newer UK STRAIN OF COVID as well!!
Will the Immunity against older virus protect against UK STRAIN OF COVID? Will COVID VACCINES be effective on UK STRAIN of COVID?

Will vaccines be effective on UK STRAIN of COVID?

Vaccines are nothing but a part of virus or dead virus!!

Hence, the vaccines have similar effect in the immunity just like the virus itself.
So the COVID VACCINES present in the market right now, trigger the same chain of events as in case of older strain of virus.
This means the immunity produced after vaccination will be similar to that produced after getting infected with the olde virus!!
Hence, it can be understood that immunity developed against the vaccines in our body will be of able to act even on the UK STRAIN OF COVID.


In a laboratory conducted experiment, Kober and his team found that th antibodies generated against the natural fomr of COVID-19 could neutralize the G614 variant of virus as well!
Another similar study was done by Jie Hu. It showed that convalescent serum taken from patients recovered from older COVID strain could neautralize the G614 strain of covid as well in 93% of cases. This number is definitely high and also provides good ideas about the practical aspect of this question. But how will this show up on a larger scale is yet to be studied!
Not just these, but other experiments have also been conducted to determine the effect of immunity against older virus strain against the new UK STRAIN OF COVID!! 
(all the sources mentioned below)

That’s all for this topic !!  

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