Since the start of this pandemic, everyone has been talking about mask. Everyone focuses on the importance of wearing one for the safety.
We believe the importance of NO is even more than YES when it comes to safety. 
So let’s see all – Do’s and DON’T with a MASK 




in the market right now.

We at MMB have always focused on telling you what scientific research studies have found out, so that there are no myths prevailing in the society!!!
So let’s take a dig into the list of what you should do and should not do while wearing a mask. 
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Do's and Don't with a mask!! Things you should NOT DO WITH YOUR MASK !

Do’s with a MASK

  • Wear a mask even if you don’t have symptoms
    • you can spread the disease even before you get symptoms
    • you can be COVID POSITIVE and still have no symptoms at all.
    • there should not be any compromise on this one
    • mask should cover area from your mid of nose to just below the chin.
    • fitting of your mask is more important than your type of mask
  • Wash/Sanitize your hands before and after using your mask 
  • to disinfect your SURGICAL/N95 mask use following methods-
    • just keep it aside without using for 10 days
    • hydrogen peroxide
  • CLOTH MASK can be as effective as N95 mask only if they have-
    • atleast 3 layers
    • preferably each of different cloth material
    • use warm water with regular detergent
    • after every use

Do's and Don't with a mask!! Things you should NOT DO WITH YOUR MASK !

Don’ts with a MASK

Things you should NOT DO WITH YOUR MASK!!

Now we won’t fool you by turning around facts mentioned in “DO’s” list and present you in “Don’ts”😅.

  • Don’t touch the outer surface of you mask
    • outer surface of you mask has more virus than the inner mask
    • your surgical mask can give you enough protection to protect against COVID-19 in non-hospital setup
    • medical people should always wear N95, especially while working in a COVID setup
  • Masks with valves should not be used.
    • these can push the virus out of the mask (you may be an asymptomatic carrier)
  • Don’t touch your face with your hand without washing/sanitizing it.
    • COVID-19 virus can enter through you eyes too.
  • Don’t use your mask more than 6-8 hours
    • this is for surgical or N95 mask.
    • Cloth masks must be changes as soon as they get sweaty
  • Don’t use your wet SURGICAL/N95 mask
    • it’s efficiency decreases after it gets wet
  • to Disinfect your SURGICAL/N95 mask DON’T USE
    • bleech
    • alcohol
    • these can not protect you against COVID-19
    • face shields protect your eyes.
    • but do not protect your nose and mouth as much as your mask 
  • DO NOT SHARE your mask with others
    • sharing your mask will lead to spreading your virus/bacteria/allergy to others and vice versa
Do's and Don't with a mask!! Things you should NOT DO WITH YOUR MASK !
Check out the comparison between soap and sanitizers-
Focus the above mentioned DO’S AND DON’T about wearing a MASK and this will make your wearing a mask worth!!

That’s all for this topic !!

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