I am Dr. JAGDISH ASNANI currently working as a medical officer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. During the course of my practice, I have often witnessed patients and non medical people having multiple myths about diseases and treatment and related stuff.
I have noticed, some of these have born from the various ancient medical and para-medical practices going on since long time in our society whereas some are either completely based on assumptions or are based of half truth.

Medicine is a vast and continuously evolving field, where science continously changes and new updates keep on adding to the vast knowledge. New diseases keep adding up, scientists keep on researching and new data come up very frequently.
I wish to increase the knowledge and awareness level in general public about such medical topics which have created the myths in the society. I wish to provide the exact reason of why the myths are wrong or in what aspects they are wrong.

Also, it has been seen that the medical field is usually a secluded field, people often tend to miss-understand this field and miss-understand the system of working of this field. I wish to make people aware about the various aspects of working of medical field and the way decisions are made in this field.

Scientists around the world work on various diseases, medications, side effects, organs to find the exact cause of such incidences. This done by undergoing detailed scientific research on that topic. This may be targeted or performed on a smaller population and might be limited to a particular state or country. But when such similar studies are carried out in various parts of the world on various populations, we come to know the details of the science behind it. 

All the information provided in this blog will be solely on the basis of scientific research papers published by scientists and authors all around the globe and on the basis of official announcements done by institutes such as WHO, ICMR, CDC and similar.

The source of the information will beĀ mentioned at the end of each post. If you have any medical myth or confusion and are searching for a proper explanation for that, feel free to mention that in the comment section and that myth will be busted on basis of scientific research papers.


Feel free to mention them in the section below and we will reach out to you once we have it busted!!