From being a Corona patient, through Remdesevir trial and to becoming a Plasma donor – MY JOURNEY of covid-19.

CORONA- this word today creates scare among many, whereas others act as if they were born immune to itπŸ˜….

As this disease started engulfing the doctors of our hospital the work load on others increased. I was supposed to do double duty in the emergency department for a continuous stretch of 5-6 days. And i happily did it because I love my work. 
Just a few weeks ago a patient came in with severe breathlessness and I had to get on him to start BIPAP and other supportive measures. Later, that patient tested positive for corona virus. Right from then I realised I was not far away from exposure and that I will have to start distancing myself from my family and relatives for their safety. Also working in the Emergency and admission department I was amongst the 1st to get exposed to everything that entered the hospital. Yes the protective kits were provided but the risk of leaks always remains. Around 23th May, one of my co-workers and friend tested positive and I remember having lunch with him in our canteen. So the risk factors were all present. 
After a complete week of double duty and hard work I took a break of a day. And that was the day when everything started.
On 25th May morning I felt weekness and a bit feverish. I thought this was due to fatigeness of over working and this will go away with rest and hydration (as similar things happened with me in the past). As the day proceeded, my symptoms remained same even in severity. Later in the evening my temperature in the thermometer read – 99.4 degree fahrenheit. 
The next day (26th) my fever was 101, my weakness increased, also there were additional symptoms of nasal congestion, dry cough and headache. I knew this was corona. I immediately called my friend working in covid center at SVP hospital asking him to test me for this virus and also admit me.
My fever was without chills and thankfully I did not have diarhea and vomiting as symptoms. If those would have been present then it would have been difficult for me to handle along with other symptoms. Also there was no loss of taste sensation in my case, neither did it develop anyday ahead. But yes, I had loss of smell due to nasal congestion. 
After taking complete precaution so that I do not spread the virus to some one else in my society I left for the hospital in the ambulance. 
Nasal and Oral samples were taken for the test and I was told to wait for 24-48 hours for the results. Till then I was kept in suspected patient’s ward. 27th may was the day my doctor, my friend said that my results were positive for the corona. I was shifted to Doctor’s ward along with other dotors who had tested positive for corona.
As per the reports, no changes were recored in my lab reports except a bit of decline in WBC and platelets which still remained in range. Also my inflammatory markers were in control and my chest X ray also remained normal
I suppose my immunity was strong enough to handle this virus. Maybe it was just that corona was present in my body and was waiting for my immunity to go down. And extra work at the hospital, weakend my immunity a bit and this gave corona a chance to show out it’s colours.
I was asked to be a part of Remdesivir trial at the hospital. Remdesevir was a new drug in the market then and had shown good effect on symptoms of corona patients. This trial here was just to keep a check on the effects and side effects it has on a larger population. Basically a final check before it can be officially launched in the market. Being a doctor, i had studied several research papers on this drug and also had a knowledge how these trials are conducted. So i agreed in.
My symptoms stopped on 4th day from the day of onset of 1st symptom. I was started on multivitmains, vitamin C anti- histaminic, paracetamol and a cough syrup from the 1st day of admission. Remdesivir was started after my results came back positive. But i suppose if there is anything that gave me the best relief from most of my symptoms, it was steam inhalation. Steam inhalation gave me immediate relief from my problems of nasal congestions, weakness, headache and many times even helped my have a good sleep over night. So i would personally recommend this to everyone. The hospitals might not provide that to you, because of risk of transmission, but have one of your own and use it 2-3 times a day for best relief.
The hospital stay was good with regular food and medications provided. The nursing staff was friendly and supportive. My vitals were recorded 2 times a day and blood testes, chest x rays were done at regular intervals of 3-4 days, to ensure my every parameter was in check, which thankfully were!!
I was recovering good and was waiting for 10 day course of remdesevir to end so that i can go home. But on the 8th day I again started to feel weak and had a fever of 100.5 in evening. This gave me tension and I started to worry. I inquired about this to the doctors there and my doctor friends who had more experience in dealing with corona patients. They told me its common to have a fever spike in the 2nd week (7th-14th days) which just needs one dose of paracetamol. They next day it was all good and no fever.
There was something more I noticed in me during these days of fighting with corona, that i underwent some weight loss. This even my friends and relatives noted in me after my discharge. I couldn’t record my previous and after weights to be precise on this matter.
On 11th day of admission, my 10 doses of remdesevir were over and I was discharged in the evening.
I can’t comment on that on the basis of my example. I was a young patient with good immunity, no co-morbities and with no changes in lungs. So on basis of my own personal experience, I can’t comment. But yes it had no side effects on me. No nausea, no diarhea, no vomiting or anything else.
Immediately after my discharge I had plans of SDP(single donor plasma) donation. I have done frequent blood donations in the past and also couple of platelet donations for cancer patients in the past. So this time I decided to go for Plasma donations and donate the anti bodies my body had made against corona to help others who are in the same journey which i had gone through.
Yes i know plasma donation is again not a proven treatment in corona so far and is still under trial. But i had come across cases having significant improvement after recieving plasma. So I decided to go for Plasma donation so that someone gets help.
PLASMA DONATION of Covid anti-bodies-
Exactly 1 month after testing positive for virus; I went to RED CROSS SOCIETY, paldi for plasma donation. Even I was curious to know about my anti body status for covid anti bodies. They took my blood sample and anti body bodies were tested using RAPID TESTING KITS. The other method of anti body titration will be carried out later they said. Rapid testing showed presence of IgG anitbodies (the longer lasting anti bodies which act on the virus if it enters the body 2nd time); and I was eligible for donation.
Approx 400ml of plasma (blood without the red blood cells) was collected from my body. 
The complete details on the process of plasma donation will be explained in one of my blogs-
They told me this 400ml will be recieved by 2 patients (200ml each). So i will be helping 2 patients. Being a doctor there is nothing more satisfactory than helping the patients.
It’s not the end of corona for me. The anti bodies I posses might prevent me from having this illness again, but that doesn’t mean they will protect me for long. This being a type of flu virus is supposed to undergo some changes in the future. This is quite similar to the seasonal flu we have usually during winters and rains every year. Even the Scientists are under the process of examining how long these anti bodies will offer protection and how wildly this virus will change in the coming future.
According to the latest research studies that I have come across, these IgG anti bodies have been found in the bodies for a period of 2-6 months. So I have protection for atleast 2 months. But that doesn’t make me become careless. Masks are still a compulsion and social distancing, esecially from old age people, is still followed. Because I am immune for quite some time now but the fomites around me still have a tenency to act as carrier for this virus.
So that was MY journey of CORONA.
I hope it decreases the scare this virus has and helps you focus on being more strong. And if you have already gone through it feel free to help others.
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