How to Disinfect N95 mask at home? Are UV SANITIZER effective?

With the increasing use of N95 mask, it is quite costly to change N95 masks repeatedly. So let’s find discuss a way to DISINFECT N95 MAKS AT HOME and also how EFFECTIVE ARE UV SANITIZER for this purpose!!
We will also discuss the some important issues like how many times can you disinfect N595 mask in UV SANITIZER container, before it affects the mask quality!!
How to Disinfect N95 mask at home? Are UV SANITIZER effective? How to Disinfect N95 mask at home? Are UV SANITIZER effective?
Various research studies (all mentioned at the end of this post) have been done to compare the effect of various sanitizing methods such as – ALCOHOL, DRY HEAT, UV SANITIZER, HYDROGEN PEROXIDE, AUTOCLAVING and others to disinfect mask while preserving their filtration capacity!
Propylene used in surgical mask plays an important role in filteration capability. Plus it is also necessary to maintain the electrostatic charges in mask for best protection. Procedures like autoclaving, alcohol, bleech, soap affect this material and electrostatic charges.
Among the various methods, UV sanitizers and HYDROGEN PEROXIDE showed most promising results in disinfecting the mask while at the same time, keeping the performance and efficacy, performance intact! 
UV sanitizers can easily be used in any setup such HOME, HOSPITAL, OFFICE where not only masks, but other things can also be used to disinfect. They come in various sizes according to your need.


In a study, N95 masks were inoculated with COVID-19 virus, and were kept in UV SANITIZER container emiting 254nm wavelength of UV radiations to disinfect the mask. It was found that UV SANITIZER effectively killed 100% of virus in 120 seconds only! (2 minutes)


The best part about UV SANITIZER is that, it has negligible effect on the filtration efficacy of a mask. They can be used efficiently for N95 MASKS also for SURGICAL MASKS.

UV SANITIZER maintain the pore size and the electrostatic charges preset in masks. Whereas other methods like autoclaving, alcohol, washing which can lead to loss of filtration capcaities!
Increasing the UV frequency dose 10-fold, led to chemical alterations of the respirator filtration media but did not affect the physical properties
How to Disinfect N95 mask at home? Are UV SANITIZER effective?
Not just 1 but multiple other studies (all sources mentioned in the end) have been found with similar effects of UV SANITIZE CONATAINERS on N95 MASKS.
Not just COVID-19 virus, but they were effective in eliminating other disease causing organisms such as Influenza virus, STAPHYLOCOCCAL bacteria present on masks.


When exposed to UV light, the masks retained their performance over 10 cycles of decontamination, but degraded quite a bit after 20 CYCLES. This is enough to save your enough money for long term usage, especially if you work in hospital setup where N95 masks provide the best effect!!
One best part about UV SANITIZERS CONATINERS is that it can be used not just for your MASKS but also for other household instruments when you return home from outside.
How to Disinfect N95 mask at home? Are UV SANITIZER effective?
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UV SANITIZERS are highly effective in sanitizing your N95 and surgical mask not just during the COVID times but also after that. They do not affect your mask efficacy in long run.
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