When should you not wear a mask? Who should not wear a mask?

Masks are something which is advised to everyone for their safety in times of pandemic.
So far a lot has been told about the importance of MASK and the protection masks give you.
But many times it is important to the understand the importance of NO rather than YES.
It is important to know that there are certain groups of people who should not wear a MASK 
There are certain situations when your should not wear a mask or prefer removing your mask while performing those activites.
When should you not wear a mask? Who should not wear a mask?
Using masks in such situations and by such people can do more harm than good.

Masks should not be worn by following people

Masks are not to be worn by certain groups of people. These usually include those who lack the sense of intelligence to maintain and capacity to remove masks when reuquired.
  • children below 2 years of age
  • people suffering from DIAGNOSED breathing diseases
    • this includes only those who have been DIGNOSED with a breathing problem
    • and NOT anyone who feels thay FEEL suffocating while wearing a mask
  • unconscious person
    • If you find an unconscious person, make sure you remove their mask! 
  • disabled people who can not remove mask without assistance
  • children with following diabilities
    • cognitive problems, intellectual disabilities, developmental and behavioral disorders
  • Old aged people
    • lungs of old age people are not as efficient as a young aged person. They consume more energy while respiration than a young adult
For people suffering from above conditions, the best way to protect themselves is using FACE SHIELD and SOCIAL DISTANCING.

When should you not wear a mask? Who should not wear a mask?

Masks should not be worn in following situations

  • Conditions when mask becomes WET such as
    • swimming
    • beach
  • moderate to high grade EXERCISE such as
    • running
    • cardio
    • resistance training
    A wet mask, makes it difficult to breathe through it.
    In any of the above conditions, Prefer using a FACE SHIELD rather than face mask for best protection against viruses and bacterias.
    When should you not wear a mask? Who should not wear a mask?

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